Book of Secrets Map

Welcome to New Nadezhda.

City Map from Luminous thirtieth, 299 years post-Merge

There has always been a slow leak between Earth and the dimensions of Myth. On August 12, 2016 at 7:05 AM, the worlds were tossed in a blender set to ‘crush ice’. Geological features, buildings, and people randomly crushed together.

No one knew what caused the Merge.

It left behind one combined world. Space and time twisted to a new shape and the survivors awoke to both magic and science as real.

Anarchy and wars took hold until small pockets of civilization were gouged out by gang-leaders who became government enforcers.

Decades passed, and New Nadezhda became the center of this new world. Ruled by three factions and a council of Elders, as the three hundredth anniversary of the Merge approaches, the uneasy truce between the factions has broken.

Now no one is safe.

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