Relic Trilogy

On a distant, company controlled, monster infested, jungle planet in the future with an alien created time rift which pulls Relics and Seers from Earth’s past…

These books are science fantasy and interrelated stories which are best enjoyed in order. The story is completed over the three books.

They are clean, and written from multiple characters perspectives.

POV characters:

Duff Roman, tech savvy orphan who just aged out of the Wolf Haven orphanage and wants to save his orphanage younger family from starving.

Matilda X, practical, orphan with a secret, she is not quite human. , she wants to find out who did this to her so she can get revenge.

Zachariah Seeker, reformed company assassin, who is trying take out the company that rules this planet, so that no other orphans can be tricked into becoming monsters like he is.

Ravenne, elderly genius and head of the company who is enslaving the population on Planet Kalecca. She is looking for relics so that she can activate the alien machine to go back in time and save her only daughter from death.

Jamie Blackwell an 80’s aerobics instructor who has been looking for what she was meant to do. She is sucked forward through into the jungle with Z-crew.

Other non-POV characters:

Rin Kaihiro, librarian, ninja, runaway, she stole a family heirloom to restore the family’s honor.

Gabriel Undercity, obsessive, germaphobe who wants to be successful on a relic hunting crew (even though it means getting his braids dirty) so that he can prove to his dismissive father that he is worth loving.