Science Fantasy:

Relic Trilogy Coming soon

On a distant, company controlled, monster infested, jungle planet in a future with an alien created time rift which pulls Relics (things) and Seers (People) from Earth past… a team of unlikely heroes join forces to save the planet from an evil company.

  • Book 1: Company Assassin
  • Book 2: Horizon found
  • Book 3: Time Rift

Epic Fantasy:

Merged World Series:

Three hundred years ago the human world and the world of Myth were tossed in a blender and merged with many casualties.

Book 1: Book of Secrets – coming in 2021

Betrayed by his organization, Human Protection Agent Joshua Lighthouse must go on the run to find the powerful Book of Secrets, unravel a plot to separate the human and supernatural worlds and prevent inter-species war.

Urban Fantasy:

Supernatural Detective Agency

Coming in late 2021