Sci Fi Books:

Planet Kalecca Trilogy:   ( or maybe Relic Trilogy)

On a distant, company controlled, monster infested, jungle planet in a future with an alien created time rift which pulls Relics (things) and Seers (People) from Earth past… a team of unlikely heroes join forces to save the planet from the evil company.

Book 1: Company Assassin

subtitled:  orphans just want to have fun

Release Date Fall 2020

Eighteen-year-old Duff Roman, tech savvy, orphan has just aged out of the Kalacca orphanage. He’s determined to save the only home he’s known from unknown forces bent on it’s destruction.

Book 2: Horizon found

subtitled:  The jungle is no place for an 80’s aerobic instructor

Release Date: Fall 2020

Book 3:  Into the Time Rift

subtitled Mother doesn’t always know best 

Release Date Fall 2020/Early 2021