Merged Series

Three hundred years ago the human world and the world of Myth were tossed in a blender set to ‘crush ice’.


The books in this series are set 300 years after the worlds were Merged. They are on the edge between Epic and Urban fantasy with a touch of dystopian. They are NOT romances, but may have a romantic subplot.

They are all standalone novels from two points of view.

  • Book 1: Book of Secrets – He protects humans. A deadly artifact. Can he prevent the Great UnMerging?
    • Joshua Lighthouse
    • Serene of the Pack
  • Book 2: Thorns of the Rose – She’s undead. Town magic protections gone awry. Can she uncover the truth before it kills them all?
    • Rose Callahand
    • Max
  • Book 3: TBD –
    • Valeria?
    • Wren?


These are generally origin stories for the characters in the books. They are not required reading and have no spoilers for the main books. They may have multiple points of view.

  • Dryad: A dryad snubbed by the forest; A wolf cursed at birth; Can they stand together to defeat the evil infiltrating the world? This is a novella of about 22000 words and available for free to newsletter subscribers
    • Rennen Deeproots
    • Adelram Dire
  • Marked: A lost sister, a terrible secret, can she control her magic before all is lost? This is a short Story of about 9000 words.
    • Valeria