Solar eclipse at St Joseph, MO

Love her pictures.

Our original plan was to drive to Missouri, visit family, and see the total solar eclipse from Rosecrans Memorial Airport in St. Joseph, MO. When we left home, the weather was predicted to be clear, but that grew worse as we travelled north. By the night before the eclipse, the weather was predicted to be […]

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I recently had to demote an author from auto-buy. Auto-buy is a way of saying that I buy an author’s books based on name alone. I will buy their new book quicker than I can eat a 3 lb bag of chocolate. (yes, that fast) All writers want on this list for as many people as they can. Auto-buy is a close-cousin to impulse buy. As a writer myself, I wanted to figure out why they were demoted. 

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The Secret to Successful Blogging

A year ago I gave myself a challenge to blog at least once a week.  I did it.  Woot!  Sometimes it’s hard to come up with blog posts.  What should I talk about?  How long should the post be?  How do I still get any writing done?

That’s the topic of my guess blog post on Zara West’s site.  She was gracious enough to invite me over to post.

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