Focus Fox


Focus fox color

Portrait of Focus Fox.

Focus Fox grew up in the small midwest town of FoxRun. His first job was guarding hen houses, but for some reason was fired after the great chicken shortage hit his town.

Focus then moved to California and got jobs as a Disney stunt double, and as an extra on a popular music video about foxes. Sadly due to the low number of fox movies and songs he left Hollywood.

He went back to school and graduated with a degree in Math from Foxy U. He thought that might start his modeling career, but being a stone cold fox didn’t apply to real foxes.

He became Triple F, an internationally known snowboarder, but one day he was caught in an avalanche. He ended up chased away by the rescue dogs and found the cave of Vulpinus. The man who lead Focus down the path of enlightenment.

Now a certified scrum master, Focus has dedicated his life to one thing, removing obstacles.

Recently he was drawn to my life by the overwhelming amount of squirrels that hang out here. He declared them obstacles. Especially the armor plated ones.

His new mission statement: non enim dormiens atque aucupio ceperit vulpes sciuri

Roughly translated to the sleeping fox catches no squirrels.

Which really had nothing to do with writing, but if he can fix my squirrel problem I’m all in.