How can something so wrong, be so cool?

At the local Renaissance Festival, they had a mermaid cove. It was the last weekend of the faire and some of the attractions were mid switch to Halloween. Hiding in the weeds was the scariest thing I'd ever seen... How can something that shows a lack of understanding of anatomy still be so cool? I'm … Continue reading How can something so wrong, be so cool?

Random Grim Fates

Photo by Marcel Parramon on Random list of Grim fates. Electrocuted by a howling maelstrom of lightning.Mind consumed by alien nightmares.Flesh melted by acid.Eaten alive by an infernal nightmare.Crushed to death by a mysterious force.Swallowed whole by an antediluvian behemoth.Entombed within alien machinery.Brain removed by an eldritch machine.Trapped forever within a sorcerous portrait.Bitten to … Continue reading Random Grim Fates

Focus Fox: Perfect

Focus Fox says: In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. Trees can be contorted, bent in weird ways, and they're still beautiful. The same can be said for your characters, let them be contorted, bent in weird ways and still be beautiful.  Inspired by Alice Walker