Tricking yourself into writing

Thanks Millie for having me as a guest blogger. It was nice to meet a bunch of the nice people you have following you. 🙂

Milly Schmidt

This is a guest blog by Claudia Blood.

I’m not sure about the rest of you, but I have to trick myself into writing.

Yes, I want to be a writer, but writing is HARD. Daydreaming about stories is almost as satisfying as writing them down and far easier. There’s none of that messy grammar or infestation of typos or the pull of everyone’s ideas on the ‘right’ way to write.

Half of you read that sentence and thought ‘your grammar sucks’, the other half thought ‘oh she used the rhetorical device called polysyndeton’, the other half didn’t notice. See? So hard.

But, sigh, I really want to be a writer even with all the rejection, self-doubt, and getting on lists because of my internet searches.

The first trick I tried to make myself write was giving myself a deadline. Yeah, that didn’t work. A year had passed and…

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Short Story: Finding the perfect title

In a valiant attempt to focus on nano this year, I decided to chronicle my journey creating a humorous short story as a series of blog posts I could schedule over November. (And beyond Bawhahahaha) At this point I have an idea, a character, an archetype, at least thought about the ending twist, reviewed some … Continue reading Short Story: Finding the perfect title

What’s Your First Blog Post?

I enjoyed reading through the links bloggers posted. What a great idea. Thanks Edmark.

Learn Fun Facts


As this post’s title stated, I’d like to know what’s your first blog post. Please share the link to your first post in the comments section if you want. But if you feel embarrassed about it or you just don’t feel like sharing it, that’s fine. You don’t have to share the link. Just tell us what’s your first post was all about.

Here’s mine:

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