Hop in! We’re going touring!

Here's your itinerary for the tour. Come with me to check out these great blogs. February 23:¬†Muse Happens¬†February 25:¬†Travel the Ages¬†March 2:¬†Author C.A.Milson¬†March 4:¬†All the Ups and Downs¬†March 9:¬†Author Deborah A Bailey blog¬†March 11:¬†The Avid Reader¬†March 16:¬†Becoming Extraordinary¬†March 18:¬†Andi's Book Reviews¬†March 23:¬†Kit 'N Kabookle¬†March 25:¬†The Key Of Love¬†March 30:¬†Dawn's Reading Nook¬†April 1:¬†Viviana MacKade¬†April 6:¬†Fabulous and … Continue reading Hop in! We’re going touring!