Holy cats almost November

Holy cats, November is almost here. That is nanowrimo time. I’ve been nano-ing for twelve years. It used to be the one time of year I actually was able to focus on writing. That’s changed a bit in recent years, but it is still a time of greater focus on writing. I have a five part sci-fi series that is just itching to break free. But that means I need to focus.

Ah yes, my old nemesis focus.

To win this epic battle, I am not taking any classes (oh the horror) and I also need to get my blog posts scheduled through November. Coming up with what to write on a weekly blog post is hard enough, ya’all, coming up with them for the whole month plus. Man. I need some kind of series.

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Why I take pictures in the ER

I was washing dishes and the kids were, in theory, up in the bathroom brushing teeth and getting ready for bed.  The bathroom door slammed and then my daughter screamed.  I know my kids’ screams. They come in all sorts of flavors. They range from ‘Hey, that’s my candy’ to ‘You’re mean’, to physical pain. This one was the latter.

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Guest Author: Ari Augustine on Writer Insecurity

I think she captured that feeling when I am writing perfectly. The only thing I might add is hoping that your writing friends never get sick of hearing you angst over the characters, plot, and/or setting. Well, that and hoping you don’t run out of chocolate. How else would you keep the engine moving? What about you guys? What does writing or other creative craft feel like to you?

Nicholas Rinth

“Don’t bend; don’t water it down; don’t try to make it logical; don’t edit your own soul according to the fashion. Rather, follow your most intense obsessions mercilessly.”
Franz Kafka

In all my years as a writer, I have learned three fundamental truths about the craft. Firstly, insecurity and self-doubt about my work are second nature to me. Secondly, every decent writer admits they suffer from insecurity and doubt, too.  Thirdly, these two seemingly “negative” companions are not my enemies; they are tools to hone my skills, fire to forge me into a better writer.

Let’s not beat around the bush. Insecurity sucks. It’s not fun and on days when you’re already feeling the heat, it doesn’t feel productive.  On my worst days, there’s no conceivable way I can write a story and not feel as if it’s lacking. If I’m feeling especially discouraged, I look in the mirror…

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