Holy cats almost November

Holy cats, November is almost here. That is nanowrimo time. I’ve been nano-ing for twelve years. It used to be the one time of year I actually was able to focus on writing. That’s changed a bit in recent years, but it is still a time of greater focus on writing. I have a five part sci-fi series that is just itching to break free. But that means I need to focus.

Ah yes, my old nemesis focus.

To win this epic battle, I am not taking any classes (oh the horror) and I also need to get my blog posts scheduled through November. Coming up with what to write on a weekly blog post is hard enough, ya’all, coming up with them for the whole month plus. Man. I need some kind of series.

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Why I take pictures in the ER

I was washing dishes and the kids were, in theory, up in the bathroom brushing teeth and getting ready for bed.  The bathroom door slammed and then my daughter screamed.  I know my kids’ screams. They come in all sorts of flavors. They range from ‘Hey, that’s my candy’ to ‘You’re mean’, to physical pain. This one was the latter.

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Kidbit: Sense of Humor

My daughter started taking gymnastics the other day at a local elementary school.

I sat and watched from a bench with my son. Next to us, was a Sari wrapped woman with one of those oh-so-cute, pudgy babies.

Even though my four year old is pure boy, he’s always had a soft spot for babies.

He walked over.  After finding out the baby was a boy and seven months old, he gently tickled the baby’s feet.  “Look at these cute little feet.”

The baby smiled at him and kicked his feet.

“Look at these cute little knees.” He stroked the baby’s knees.

The baby cooed. The mom and I exchanged a grin.

“Look at these cute little cheeks.” And he brushed the baby’s cheeks.

Then he turned to the baby’s mom. “Does he have a cute little penis?”

Oh, boy.

I’m pretty sure my face mirrored the surprise that I saw on her face. But she gave him a smile. “Yes, he does.”

Thank goodness for mom’s with a sense of humor.

What’s your latest kid cringe worthy moment?

Friends, Allies, Adversaries, and Enemies

I’ve been reading a lot about the hero’s journey.  On a call with writer friends, one asked if I had ever heard of The Virgin’s Promise.  It’s the ARC for characters that stay home, but still learn to fulfill their dreams.  I’m not sure I buy the male/female divide between these two books, but I am intrigued by the underlying concept.

One of the concepts for ordinary world was give her friends, but not allies.  That paused me.  Did I really understand the difference?  In the US, everyone is a friend.  Just met them?  Call ’em a friend.  My daughter and son are taught in pre-school to call everyone in the room a friend.  Obviously the whole room of kids are not their friends.

So what’s the difference between a friend and an ally?  An adversary and an enemy?

Doing a little googling was, for once, not useful until I stumbled across an article geared toward executives and the importance of getting relationships right.

Here’s how this concept ended up fitting in my head.  I use ‘you’, but writers feel free to pop in your character instead of you.

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Little voice

I was sitting there minding my own business when I had that little nudge that I was forgetting something. You know that little voice in the back of your head that says, huh. Don’t you have something really important due soon?

The conversation went something like this:

“What’s due and how soon?”

“I dunno. pretty soon?” That voice, let’s call it Fred, said.

“Can you be more specific?”

“Nawww. But it’s soon. And you labeled it important.” Fred added helpfully as if reminding me I had thought it was important would help me remember.

Shit, it’s not my husbands birthday again? Didn’t he just have one? Like in the spring? I bring up the calendar. No, no, that’s not it.

“Can you give me a hint? Is it related to family, writing, or day job?” I feel like I’m playing twenty questions.

“Ummm, writing?”

“Are you saying it’s writing or….”

“Yeah, Yeah… I remembered ’cause of that last thought you had.”

At this point, my last thought was if my kids or husband had found and plundered my stash of chocolate in the kitchen.

“You don’t remember?” Long dramatic sigh from Fred. “Do I have to remember everything for you?”

Not sure how to answer that, but I give a valiant try to remember what could have triggered him. “Missing blog post?”

“Yeah, that’s the one. You’re missing a blog post.”

Whew, not that big a deal. I try to write something up for Monday posting and it was Sunday. I had like 24 hour to get that done. “It’s okay I was just about to write one.”

“No not that one, the OTHER one.”

Ohoh. I had signed up for some guest blogs. “It’s not due til August.”

“Dude, it’s August.”

Huh, I better go find out when its due.

Do you have that little voice? What do you do to remember?