kittywampus, catawapus, cattywapus catty corner, kitty-corner Having been a teenage transported between a coast and the mid-west, I find these sorts of phrases very interesting. Pop verses soda was my first introduction to this concept. By moving I had switched to a different informal language. At first, I was thinking of the word Colloquialism was … Continue reading Vernacular

Journey mindset and writer’s brain

After I posted about uncertainty, Ryan, one of my buddies forwarded me a link to an article about the journey mindset. "The important difference between pursuing 'meaning' and 'happiness' in life." Was one of the quotes that struck me. I just finished a class to help me plan for a quarter with writing related goals. … Continue reading Journey mindset and writer’s brain

Day one – operation dear god did I really set the alarm for that early

The alarm buzzed and worse the light on my alarm clock goes on.  Who invented this torture device? Were they a closet sadist? I have to pee and my mouth tastes bad. Dazed. confused.  I can ignore those facts.  The bed is warm.Was that my alarm or some great cosmic joke that thinks o-butt thirty is really a time. I manage to find … Continue reading Day one – operation dear god did I really set the alarm for that early


Kids, day job, brain all conspire my thoughts jump around not the gentle glide of a butterfly dipping delicately into each flower but powerful jerks of continental shifts tectonic plates crashing the bits, the parts, the molten stone left swirl in the raging tide broken and lost