Binge Read Record

The urge

I wanted something contemporary with a humor and a happy ending. But I didn’t want to buy something. I have literally hundreds of titles in my e-book collection that I haven’t read. I bought them because at the time they sounded interesting. (as an aside, I wish I was able to notate why I found it interesting so I could align with my binge read needs.)

So I sorted my kindle by unread and A-Z and started looking at the itty-bitty pictures. Blech. What a PITA. Kindle needs more sort and filter options.

I found a contemporary romance and started with that one. It was a fun read. Light-hearted and had the next two couples lined up and ready for books. Smart romance authors do that. I would rather spend more time with the characters that I had just gotten to know than to start over. There was no buy the next book on my kindle. So I came up for air.

I still had the itch. So I went back to my unreads and saw a second in a series that I had bought and never read. I read it and then went back and re-read the first one. And then, still needing more, I went to the author’s site to see if I could figure out if any of the other characters I’d been interested in had their own books.

There was a spin-off based on a cranky brother, so I bought it and read it.

I went back to see if there were more spin-offs. The author had other series that looked interesting. She was cross romance genre, but I was still in the mood for contemporary. I finally picked up one of her boxsets, but it ended up being darker then I wanted to be reading at the moment. I stopped partway. (I will go back, the writing was good, and premise interesting.)

I still had the itch.

I re-read one of my favorite end scenes in a book I like and then I re-read a book that I really like from beginning to end. I still like it and will probably read it again.

Still not enough.

I remembered I had bought a book recently that a blogger I follow had mentioned. I went and found it and rediscovered an author I already like! Yes, and it was a spin-off of a series I remembered and liked. Double yes!

The book I had bought was actually the last in the series. I read that one first and then got the first two one right after the other.

Done. (for now)

What I read:

  • Two re-reads (plus an ending scene)
  • Two books I had bought but never read.
  • Four books I bought because of the binge.
  • One box-set bought but not finished.

What did I learn from this binge?

  1. I have a preconceived notion of what I want to read.
  2. Buying the book doesn’t mean I will read it. 🙁 My TBR is huge!
  3. I bought no new authors I had at least one other book by that author already in my library
    1. Author 1 – 2 books now in my library (up by one)
    2. Author 2 – 11 books now in my library (up by three)
    3. Author 3 – 9 books in my library up by two (one being a boxset)
    4. Author 4 – 1 book – which I have read numerous times. It’s a standalone and nothing else she has has appealed to me (I looked again)
    5. Author 5 – 33 books – which I re-read the end scene of one. This one is my current fav author. She is an auto buy.
  4. I’m sucker for a next in series, especially with a preview chapter in the book I just got done liking/loving. (especially mid-binge!)
  5. The easier it is for me to buy the better!
  6. My order of buying something new: Recommendation from trusted source (including co-authors when I love the books), Sample chapter, great blurb. A cover can turn me off, but I have never bought a book based solely on the cover.

Okay now that I have come clean, tell me about what you do.