Award-winning author Claudia Blood blends her science and IT background with a life-long passion for Dungeons and Dragons to pen Epic Fantasies.

Two new series coming soon.

Planet Kalecca Trilogy:  

On a distant, company controlled, monster infested, jungle planet in the future with an alien created time rift which pulls Relics and Seers from Earth past…

  • Book 1: Company Assassin (subtitled:  Orphans just want to have fun)
  • Book 2: Horizon found (subtitled:  The jungle is no place for an 80’s aerobic instructor)
  • Book 3: Into the Time Rift (subtitled: Mother doesn’t always know best)

Merged World:

Three hundred years ago the human world and the world of Myth were tossed in a blender and merged with many casualties.

Book 1: Book of Secrets: Betrayed by his organization, Human Protection Agent Joshua Lighthouse must go on the run to find the powerful Book of Secrets, unravel a plot to separate the human and supernatural worlds, and prevent inter-species war. 


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  • On Wednesdays, my guest blogger Focus Fox posts words of wisdom with a funny twist.

Class Reviews

I’ve listed the classes that I’ve taken in the last four years. I will slowly add more information as I find time and the motivation.

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