Five things I learned from Moving

We decided that we wanted to move and two weeks later we’re in our new home. It’s a ‘for now’ home and odds are high that within a year we will be moving again. (Sigh)

Taking your life apart and reconstructing it in a new location can be very insightful. Here are the five things I learned.

#5 There are only 24 hours in a day

As much as I fought against it, there were activities that had to be delayed or skipped. My workouts were one of the things I had to give up to make the move happen. Sleep was too important. The day job consumed a huge chunk as well.

#4 Everything takes far longer than I think it will.

Yes, I know this fact in other parts of my life and add extra time when trying to stuff my 24 hours, but the fact that I STILL have stuff that needs to move after all this time is crazy. I’m afraid to count the hours it has taken.

#3 I keep things because I should keep them.

Because it will mean something to the kids, because it was from a departed relative, because someday we might need it. I’m still working through this, but I would like to keep things that bring me joy. (Like the tea cup I posted about)

#2 There is always a silver lining

Seeing everything I own go in a box or tub and having even more pressure on how I spend my time was eye opening. In an odd way, I think it will help me in the future to keep the most important physical items and activities. So my silver lining is being forced to break habits and having the opportunity to make new ones. I can reinvent myself in this new space.

#1 I have some amazing friends.

To the ones who spent hours helping me sort the stuff and the ones who love organizing on the other end, thank you! I would not be even close to being done without them.

2 thoughts on “Five things I learned from Moving

    • Not too far, just a small town over from where we lived.

      Loved the link! Our dog was very concerned that we were going to leave her behind. Since I work a day job from home, it confused her that I was gone so much. Once we got to the new place she did much better! She has a dig bed in my office and hangs out with me during the day.

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