When I was a kid…

My kids couldn’t understand why I didn’t watch YouTube when I was a kid. I told them it didn’t exist then. The fact that something they used every day may not have existed when I was a kid fascinated them.

We started listing things to see if they were around when I was their age.

iPads – Nope

Computers – Nope

Cell phones – Nope

TV – Yes, but no DVD players. We did get a VHS eventually.

Remote controls – yes, but my grandparents remote had a wire at first.

I imagine them having a similar conversation in the future when they have kids.

What didn’t exist when you were a kid?

6 thoughts on “When I was a kid…

  1. You could play that game with them from their own lives…

    Remember salad bars? Or movie theaters? Or McDonald’s Play Place? People younger than they are not going to remember those things in the same way as they do.

    for myself, as a middle-aged male my whole purpose is to dispense well-meaning but irrelevant advice from a bygone era when I was the age of whoever I’m speaking with.

    so be sure to carry extra quarters in case you need to use a pay phone and print your resume on good 40lb bond paper. Have a copy on hand when you slip into the waiting area where you want to work and hand it to the receptionist.

    And be sure to ask who’s calling when the house phone rings and someone asks for a member of your family before you go get them. It’s just common courtesy.

    Also, be kind, re-wind, and when you clean your CDs make sure to multiple directions so you don’t confuse the reader with a circular pattern of buffing.

    Also, if you whistle just right you can get a single connect from a 1200 baud acoustic coupler.

    • My only other relevant functions include dispensing cash, odd jobs requiring less than 40 pounds of lifting because I might hurt myself and become no longer useful for other functions, and only when absolutely necessary and in case of emergency, light conversation.

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