kittywampus, catawapus, cattywapus

catty corner, kitty-corner

Having been a teenage transported between a coast and the mid-west, I find these sorts of phrases very interesting. Pop verses soda was my first introduction to this concept. By moving I had switched to a different informal language.

At first, I was thinking of the word Colloquialism was the correct term for this. But after looking through wikipedia, vernacular is used in everyday life by the general population in a geographical or social territory.


In the mid-west if you want to get the locals wound up ask people to end this phrase.

Duck, Duck, _____

  • Goose
  • Gray Duck
  • Moose

are the most common answers I’ve heard. And many are adamant that they have the correct word.

A friend showed me this: My poor map was very confused, probably because of the moving I have done. 🙂

What is your favorite vernacular phrase? Or what did your map look like?

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