My life has so much uncertainty right now and I”m left in a state of waiting.

This is not a state I enjoy. I want to plot and plan, but it feels like a waste of energy to do all the permutations. I do not have enough data.

Here’s a sample of the questions I am waiting for answers on:

  1. What will school look like for my elementary school aged kids? (Will is be in person, distance, or mix?)
  2. How long will my hubby be on orders?
  3. What will my day job look like in the next six months?
  4. Will there be a second wave of COVID?

I can’t make these answers come any faster.

The phrase you can’t control what other do, only what you do is also caught in my head.

So I decided to do small things that are on the path I want to go down.

I want to be fitter so I started doing push-ups every day. I started out doing girl push-ups on my knees and now can do real ones. Three days ago I startied doing push-ups twice a day. Even though I am not yet fit, doing a real push-up feels like success.

I want to get more writing done so I signed up to do a posting a day on a private writing group for the month of August. I am hopeful that I will end up feeling successful at the end of the month.

How are you dealing with your uncertainty?

One thought on “uncertainty

  1. The idea of doing push ups is healthy for the body and mind. I deal with uncertainty be giving myself small wins like treating myself to a favorite meal or movie. I take 1 thing off the to-do-list and complete that. Win. Bigger issues I talk it out with someone close. Someone out of the box might give me another perspective. When resting, I leave my worries in another place. Sleep time is not the time or place to sort stuff out.

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