Book with a Map or no?

I recently found someone who could create a map for the worlds my books are in. It’s pricey. Not audio book pricey, but still pricey.

Do you as a reader look at them? Will it change your feeling about the books and the world they are in? Which option are you?

  1. Maps we don’t need no stinkin’ maps
  2. Maps are nice, I may look at them
  3. Maps are AMAZING.
  4. I print out the maps and hang them on the wall and as characters move through the book I update their location on the map.
  5. I want the map to use as wallpaper on my computer or phone.

4 thoughts on “Book with a Map or no?

  1. Maps are nice, I may look at them. Less so with ebooks. But having a map could make for some interesting licensing opportunities. Like for the wallpaper, or say if you wanted to license the book for a game (assuming you also have the rights to use the map in a game too).

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