Blank Calendar

Pre-covid I had a white board calendar in the kitchen. The calendar busted at the seams with all the things that were scheduled.

It was a given that I would work every weekday and sometimes more. The kids’ days off from school would be on there as well as the things they were scheduled to do. Gymnastics practice, jujitsu, play dates, birthday parties. I added in my hubby’s hours which changed each week and whatever military things he also had. I had my Wed writer’s night. Always hoping something wouldn’t conflict.

The calendar was color coded for the kids, hubby and me. It held a month’s worth of events. Once a week or so I would erase and move the whole thing up.

At the moment it is completely blank. A circular magnet sits in the first day square since there are no dates on it.

At first its emptiness was depressing. All the habits and patterns of my life wiped away by an invisible foe. It felt like the foe was winning. 

I realized that I was looking at it wrong. This was an opportunity.

This gave me a chance to look at the choices that I had made and more easily decide on a new path.

The blank calendar opened up the conversation about what was important to me and my family. How did I want to live my life?

What will you choose?

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