Air travel just after lock down

We had plans this summer to go visit family and we decided to stick to the plan which was scheduled directly after lock-down was lifted.

We flew through a good sized airport and found empty security lines and many empty, closed stores. Masks were required in all spaces unless you were eating or drinking. Everything seemed clean, although you can’t see germs.

Of course, as soon as we were past security the kids informed me that they were hungry. It had literally been an hour and one kid had dug into the snack bag in the car. So we stopped at a Chili’s and ate.

The highlight of the trip? My daughter had managed to dump an almost full glass of unsweet ice tea onto my lap. Since I had checked the bag with my clothing, I spent most of the trip wet.

At least it wasn’t sweetened. If that was the worst that happens, I will count myself lucky.

Anyone else braved air travel?

2 thoughts on “Air travel just after lock down

  1. I have not but a guy I follow on Twitter,@JohnnyJet, is the guru of air travel. He states NOW is the best time for air travel because the seats and surrounding areas are being cleaned on a regular basis. And people are wiping down their own seating areas too. Some flights are not booking the middle seat so passengers have a little space. (hope they honored that on your flight) Your ride may have been wet, but at least it wasn’t sticky and wet. Glad you had an otherwise good time.

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