Battle of the clutter

Ahh Mondays. They come so unexpectedly with the changes in my life and the world. (Yes, I realized I was posting on a Tuesday. 😉 )

One of the things we’ve been doing with the kiddos was trying to get them to clean. It was an uphill battle. We were all cluttery. So we have four people who added to the clutter in their part of the house. In fact, the only one who was not cluttery was the dog. Although she contributed more than her fair share of hair.

We recently had lost our vacuum. She was 10 or so years old and probably died due to ingesting a combination of hay, dog hair, and legos. I’d been reluctant to get a new one, but when my son’s room started to look like it had speckled carpet, I gave in.

I opted to get a cordless vacuum, thinking it would make stairs easier. What I hadn’t expected was how excited the kids were to vacuum. They each took a turn vacuuming until the bag was full and then switched. They did that until the battery went dead.

Cleanest the floors have been in a long time.

Have a cleaning crusade going on? Or other projects you want to share?

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