Struggle and aha

I’ve been struggling lately with getting what I want to get done actually done. This is an issue for me because, if you remember, my Strength Finders testing, I have high Achiever.

High Achiever basically means my list starts over each day and I never feel like I ever get enough done. My to-do list could be politely called aggressive. The less I feel like I get done in a day, the less happy I am.

When this pandemic first hit, the stay at home order hit the US, and my work hours were reduced to 16 hours a week, I thought I could get even more accomplished.

Epic fail! I swear I am at the same place in the current book as I was a month ago.

Part of it is having to help the kids with distance learning and part of it has been losing myself in books I have already read and enjoyed. Books with good ending and scenes I remember even have not reading them for years.

I thread of advice that I had gotten in the Write Better Faster class I took has been hovering in my head. Get your writing done first thing in the morning.

I’d been resistant to trying to get anything done in the morning. My best and most productive time was the evening when everyone else was sleeping or my husband was at work. I have sprint partners who write and night that also help.

I realized that it was not the timing that really mattered, it was the quiet and sleeping household that was important.

Last night, I got the kid to bed and I went right to bed as well. I knew they would stay up reading for awhile. Unless I was sleeping they would come in and out of the bedroom for awhile. I set my alarm for early the next morning.

I woke up and not a soul was awake in the house.

I wrote and FINALLY broke out of chapter 18. I created focus foxes and blog posts with the goal of having a backlog of scheduled posts so I can get this book to the Beta reader.

I’m not sure if this is my long term answer, but for right now it is allowing me to check things off my list today.

Which helps make me happy.

What have you discovered today?

One thought on “Struggle and aha

  1. I realized (again) that the weekend is short and I can only get so much done. For now Friday will be the time to relax or get caught up on rest. Saturday can be planned out using a list to get the most done. Sunday, no list. Work on whatever I want to, after I prepare for…Monday. Yes, it comes too fast.

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