How much you care

It was my dead sister’s birthday last week. It makes me sad for all of the things that might have been. 

We all die. That’s a fact. As we get older, we collect more deaths from the pool of those we love. In my mind the answer is not just to love, but to make sure that your relationships are in a good state every time you say goodbye.

This seems especially true in these times. Being physically isolated doesn’t mean we have to be isolated—we can still call, text, etc to maintain our social connections.

What have you done today to let your friends and family know how much you care?

6 thoughts on “How much you care

  1. Heartfelt wishes for you and your loss. Yesterday an old childhood friend left me a voice message. I perked up after listening to it. I have not heard from him in more than ten years. Why he reached out after all these years has me wondering..why? Well, it really doesn’t matter. As soon as I get home today I will return his call. It could be the times we live in…or the need to rekindle a genuine friendship.

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