Saying yes is saying no to other things

There is only so much time in a day.

Assuming you sleep, that’s 6-8 hours gone from a 24 hours day. Let’s optimistically say I sleep 8. That leaves me 16 hours left in a day. I have a day job which takes up at least 8 hours. That leaves me at most 8 hours to squeeze in everything else I want to do.

At first, eight hours seems like a lot of time, but when I started adding in everything I wanted to fit in, suddenly 8 hours didn’t seem big enough.

Writing, blogging, working out, kid events/activities, time with hubby, grocery shopping, cleaning, driving, showering, friends, laundry, dishes, reading, researching, camping, hiking, walking dog, playing D&D. Whew! That’s a lot that needs to fit.

So every time I say yes to something, it’s battling for that limited time.

I’ve friends who think I’m crazy because we don’t have any streaming services hooked up to our TV. But why they ask. It’s because in that limited 8 hours, I don’t want to spend it on watching TV. I would rather spend the time on one of the things in my list.

What do you say no to and what did you get to say yes to instead?

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