Computer woes and an unexpected find

I finally had to take my computer to the shop. Blank screens were never a good sign. You may remember that she’s old. If she survives, perhaps I will name her as one of the commenters suggested.

The local Apple Authorized repair place was up the road. It’s nestled by a used book and gaming store and pizza joint. My 7 year old son was with me and he roamed the small, mostly empty shop asking to touch everything in sight.

That’s why I saw a table full of two inch tall, gray figures sitting on a table.

3D printed beholder

When I asked about the figures, he said he’d found a reasonably priced 3D printer and had decided to print out all of the monsters from his D&D campaign. He was new to D&D but had obviously caught the bug. These were some of his tries as he got the hang of it.

3D printed Yoda

And the best part? I got to buy some for a ludicrously low cost. (Because I obviously NEEDED them and so did my son.)

3D printed dragon skeleton

I can’t decide if I should try to paint them or take him up on his offer to print up one of my characters.

What have you found unexpectedly?

One thought on “Computer woes and an unexpected find

  1. I was throwing out some old Windows program disks and old operating systems when I found the disk for 2007 Word and Excel. I had the receipt and the activation codes in a DVD holder. I decided to install it on my new laptop as a retire the old one.

    It may be old…from 2007, but it still does the basics.
    Yay for me!

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