At the gym

I go to burn boot camp. It’s the right mix of friendly without being over the top. Basically you smile and give people high-fives, but don’t have to become BFFs to work out together.

Imagine my surprise when a woman looked at me from across the gym floor and then walked purposely toward me.

I didn’t recognize her. She wasn’t one of the gymnastics moms or one of the jujitsu moms. I generally remembered if I talked to someone. Even if I couldn’t remember their names, She didn’t look like anyone I had talked to before.

Once she reached me, she gave an embarrassed smile and said, “Your shorts are on inside out.”

I glanced down and sure enough they were inside out.

After I fixed them, I noticed my t-shirt was on backward too.

At least the work out was good and I had no other wardrobe malfunctions.

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