Class List now has links, teacher, and notes on format

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I decided to spend the time I would have spent on a blog (trying to write ahead) updating the class list I have. I went back over the last couple years and figured out who taught it, link to where I took the class, and notes on the venue. It has only taken me over a year to add this first part of the data.

Holy cats have I taken alot of classes!

I will have to add some sort of review system to them. I think part of my block on writing reviews is that I know that classes are so subjective. Something I found terrible others may love. Something I loved others may dislike.

What I found interesting was when I opened the first lesson or intro, I either had a thumbs up, thumbs down, or ‘did I really take this class?’ response. I even rediscovered teachers I’d forgotten I liked. I tended to find a teacher and take whatever I could find of theirs.

I also tended to like classes where there was lot of interaction with the teacher. i.e. I could ask questions and see other question responses from other students. My favorite classes were direct feedback on whatever I was writing. The videos with no interaction were by far my least favorite.

I also noticed how things have changed. Like yahoo groups is no longer active. Some of the teachers teach through multiple platforms. So they may not teach in the venue I took them through. I decided to stick with documenting how I had taken the class.

The other thing I hadn’t thought about was that the class link/information disappeared once the class was over There were few classes with ‘forever’ access. That seems to be a more recent thing.

Any feedback on the updates? Or have you taken any classes you liked?

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  1. Have you ever taken a course through Udemy or Coursera? Back in the day I took courses from them and they were OK.

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