Narwhals are awesome

Narwhal Christmas decoration

I was walking the dog the other day and came across the Narwhal Christmas decoration pictured above. I’d never seen one before.

I did contemplate getting one. I am a fan of the Narwhals are awesome song by JellyBug. The kids love to dance around to the song in the kitchen between chores.

In the end, I decided to just admire the decoration instead of purchasing one. I didn’t even let myself look, so I’m not sure if they all have the same scarf or if they come with anything else.

What have you almost bought?

(Oh and if you followed the link, could you resist bopping to the song? 🙂 )

7 thoughts on “Narwhals are awesome

  1. I almost bought a gaming laptop for $1,800.00. It looked sweet and had bells and whistles that Id never need. My mind came back to me before I pressed “Buy with 1 click.”
    That song DID have me bopping along. Its hard not to.

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