Getting Off Social Media

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When I got my new phone, I decided to not load any of the social media apps.

There are numerous articles about distraction and some great books on focusing. But what really drove it home the cost of distraction was the class I took from Becca Syme and our one on one conversations.

If you look at my strength finders, I’m #1 input so I’m already prone to squirrel moments. I’m also high achiever (#3) who cares about getting things checked off the list.

Social media can be very satisfying because it’s really just checking things off and there is so much info. But what a time suck and what I am looking at is driven by the whims of others and not my own curiosity.

I think it worked. I feel like I have so much more time to write and spend with family. I think it gave me space to make some major breakthroughs.

How do you handle social media?

6 thoughts on “Getting Off Social Media

  1. My social media is still hit or miss. When I write a fresh story, I try to post about it to those not following my blog. Interesting non political comments get a like here and there, so social media has no time draw for me. Audible has a 50% sale on all audio books the next 12 hours. I’ve pulled the trigger on Becca Syme’s coaching book to get her perspective on writing.

  2. I dropped off Facebook and never got into Instagram, Twitter, etc.

    I miss keeping up with my diaspora of family and friends but Facebook is a viper pit run by a sociopath with a retinue of enablers that feeds propaganda and lies to inspire engagement through enragement, and I felt like my participation just validated it.

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