My computer is dying

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My computer is old for a computer and it is starting to crash. So far what I’ve lost when it crashed, I was able to recreate pretty quickly.

My computer is just younger than my oldest kid. I found a reference that says 1 year old computer = 19 human years. If that math is correct, than hats off to my 152 year old computer.

I feel kind of bad now. The fact that she is 152 completely changes the direction of this blog post from a whine about trying to keep her alive, to perhaps some admiration for how long the old girl has lasted.

There’s no way I’d be alive at 152. So the fact that she’s a little bit quirky and needs to take the occasional nap mid-sentence is perhaps not unexpected.

Perhaps what I need to do is embrace my computer’s age. Maybe find a red hat for her or get her some new parts. Now I have the picture of Abraham Van Helsing from Hotel Transylvania.

At what point do I retire her and let her dream of electric sheep?

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  1. Enjoy your attachment as long as you create back ups…in case. I save some work as Google Documents that can be retrieved in the event of ANY failure or loss. My Word Docs I save on the hard drive AND in DropBox if ASUS passes in the night or during an update. MY OS is Win 7. I hear support will stop early in 2020. This being the case, my eye is on a Xmas sale for a laptop that has an i7 processor, with Win 10. (NO less than an i5 processor)

    Some commands take 30 seconds or more to complete but ASUS has served me well for years.

  2. My computers are much older than 152 computer years, or 8 human years. They’re Asus and Hp Win7’s and work quite well, but need to be replaced soon.

  3. I have an Apple MacBookPro which is around 10 or 11 years old. It has been acting up for years. I saved all my novel writing to the storage box, but any updates I do are not automatically saved to it. I figure I at least have some of the book there, and who knows, a new approach might make it better!

  4. The moving parts are what fail – power supply fan bearings, hard drive if you’re not using an SSD, etc. Generally what gets me to upgrade is the what I want to do/what I can do gap around CPU – I started playing Fortnite with my nephews and my existing rig wasn’t up to it.

    Money generally isn’t the issue since everything is cheaper/better – the impediment is just the work of moving data / setting up a new system, but the hardest part of all is looking at your faithful friend and telling them you just don’t want them any longer.

    I just retired an old pal I’d had since 2010 and since I tend to personalize my devices it was not that far below putting down a beloved pet.

    • Hi Constantreader, That is true a new computer or even new to you computer feels different. I think we get to know the quirks of our computers. (As I type this I have a missing m key that I keep meaning to fix.. LOL) What all do you do for personalization? I have friends that the compute must be a certain color and other who put elaborate stickers on them. So all mostly cosmetic updates.

      • I name them, not people names or anything like that but special nicknames like frosty or gold digger, and put a label on the front with the computer’s name.

        I believe things which are special to you should have special names (and no, I had never seen Cats until recently)..This is my workstation, there are many like it but this one is mine. That kind of thing.

      • That’s cool. I have a friend who names her cars. Has to find just the right name and then decorates to match. Her dogs get middle names, too, that are only spoken when they are naughty.

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