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I love quotes. James Clear (who wrote Atomic Habits) has a newsletter called “3 ideas, 2 quotes, 1 question”

The newsletter from a couple weeks ago had a quote that is still sticking with me:

Can my current habits carry me to my desired future?

My response was a mixed bag. Habits are just those things you do without thinking. Like for example, I get up every morning and the first thing I do when I go downstairs, is pet and feed the dog, pet and feed the bunny, and do dishes. I do this before I get any caffeine.

My writing habit is to sit down at the computer and see if anyone wants to sprint. If they don’t, I try to sprint anyway.

The working out and eating habits were not so good. Fast food is fast and easy to justify as I’m running between kid events. But it is for sure not the habit that will get me to my desires future.

I also sent this quote out to friends and family. I got a wide array of responses. Some people felt like yes they did, other people groaned.

What’s your response to this question?

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  1. Simply put ..no. My current habits will not carry me to my desired future. One quick example. When at work Im active walking around. At day end my steps tracker records 10k to 15k steps. On the weekend it records 2k to 3k tops. Whats wrong with that picture? When I retire, I want to be just as active as I am at work now. Good health equals good writing to me so weekend activity must change to fit my future desire. Its an EASY start.

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