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My friend showed me the ‘this person does not exist link while at a writer’s group.

I found this link particularly interesting for two reasons.

  1. I’m always looking for faces for the people in my head. If I can find pictures of them, I can add to my records. That way they should become more real. (Which some would say I can take too far… )
  2. The idea of who owns the images that this program creates. So this is all hearsay, but supposedly the creator of the program owns the program. The program itself creates the images, but because the program is not living cannot own anything. Therefore I, as the user of said program, own the photo it produces.

Okay, honestly even if the second is totally false, the idea of it intrigues me and may end up as the crux of an issue for a character.

Maybe sci-fi, like what if a machine created life?

Silly use: What if the machine kept creating a creature that did nuisance damage and the main POV was the poor person who had to track down the owner and get them to stop?

The loophole possibilities are endless.

Either did you find any of your characters? or

How would you use the loophole?

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