Is there such a thing as too many D20’s?

20 sided dice

I love dice. These were the 20s I could find in a five minute search. I have another set of tiny ones, a larger one, and more metal ones.

I got some from Kickstarters. They seemed very cool in concept, but stink when actually trying to read them. I must be old, but I don’t want a logo or design for a 20, I want an actual number. And I want them to be legible without putting on glasses.

The most recent two were the metal dice with blue numbers from a local comic con. It generally roles great but in the last gaming session spent most of the game in time-out due to a number of unfortunate roles.

The blue and purple was from Noble Knight Games ‘old school’ dice and is called translucent blue. I got my hubby red, white, and blue set. I figured if he didn’t like them, I could have more dice.

Did I mention I love dice?

What do you love that people think you might be odd for loving?

8 thoughts on “Is there such a thing as too many D20’s?

  1. My love for Denmark is awkward to a lot of people… But I love being odd about it πŸ˜› people like us are not weird, we are special πŸ˜‰ LOL

    • Oh yes. I did almost get one of these. I decided I liked the way it felt to role all the dice themselves. πŸ™‚ And honestly, there aren’t that many times I actually need 1-120. 20 d6 would be an outrageous fire ball. (Can it even go up that high?)

    • Yes. This awesome. I told my hubby I needed little houses for my dice families. He just gave ma that look that said I was weird. LOL I was picturing one of those drawers they put screws in. I’d have to check to see if all the dice in a set would fit.

  2. I got some beautiful d20’s from Forlorn Hope Games. I don’t know what their range is nowadays, but they are my favourite dice and I use them for playing my own game “Time Lords”. They are exceptionally decorative in a wizardry kind of way. Dice are where it’s at.

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