Newsletter Blues

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I asked one of my buddies who is on her 7th published book what she wishes she’d have done differently.

Her advice?  Newsletter.  She wishes that she’d started her newsletter even before she’d published her first novel.

I asked around to other writers about what they did and was referred to a book “Newsletter Ninja.”  Newsletter Ninja 2 is coming out on October 28, 2019.

The gist is that the newsletter needs to have exclusive content and be authentic.  Sigh.  I will also add to my pile of requirements, that it can’t have a high over head or I’ll never get any more books written.

There’s also a recommendation to have a cookie as a sign up.  i.e. something free which is related to your brand. (I may need to write a rant about brand)

I drafted a trial version and sent it to some trusted friends.  Their responses were a flashback to what had happened with my contest entries.  The feedback was all over the place, but I think I learned a bit about what was personal preference and what was core.

My plan is to launch my newsletter at the end of this month.  My cookie will be the map of the city that book of secrets is written about.  

For my exclusive content I’ve a fantasy novella that I’ll have a chapter a month in the newsletter until completion.  Once it’s done, I’ll (at some point) offer it for sale.  Only the newsletter subscribers can get it for free.

What would you want to see in a newsletter?

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  1. I was thinking give the readers some insight on your protagonist(s) thoughts. Something that isn’t in the novel. Something like why he or she chose to go down a certain path. It could be added after each chapter.

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