Random Grim Fates

Photo by Marcel Parramon on Pexels.com

Random list of Grim fates.

  1. Electrocuted by a howling maelstrom of lightning.
  2. Mind consumed by alien nightmares.
  3. Flesh melted by acid.
  4. Eaten alive by an infernal nightmare.
  5. Crushed to death by a mysterious force.
  6. Swallowed whole by an antediluvian behemoth.
  7. Entombed within alien machinery.
  8. Brain removed by an eldritch machine.
  9. Trapped forever within a sorcerous portrait.
  10. Bitten to death by venomous snakes

Thanks to: https://donjon.bin.sh/weird/random/

What other cool things have you found surfing?

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