Drawing blood

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I had an element in a story I’m writing where a character needed to give blood. There were no sterile needles or medical personal in this story. The story was set in a Merged world where science and magic co-exist, but magic was winning.

So I googled around and found this interesting article.


Uggg, so no palm slice.

So then I googled safe ‘place to cut’. There were a number of caveated suggestions and I was pretty sure I was once again on a list.

Finally, I landed on the time tested finger prick method. He doesn’t need to give much, just enough to get some antibodies. 🙂

What odds things have you run into when researching?

6 thoughts on “Drawing blood

  1. I seem to remember a movie where a palm slicer cut deep in his hand, but his power, or whatever healed it back almost instantly. I’ll try to remember where I show it, but that gave the idea you could do the same for your character. Slice that palm everyone is familiar with, then heal it with magic.
    Your guy gets to fight another day with that hand.

  2. I have a character who finds a bomb under a school bus. He’s military and knows how to diffuse it, but I had to look it up. I figured I was put on a ‘watch list’ for looking up bombs.

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