Feel the Burn

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For the record, NOT what I look like working out.

I just started working out again after an embarrassingly long hiatus. 

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

This is closer to my look when lifting, but he needs alot more sweat.

I’m generally a social work-outer. Meaning I am the most successful if I have a partner in crime. Before kids my hubby and I kept each other on track. We had run days and bag workout days. When it was a day to work out, we just did. It didn’t matter what was going on, it happened.

Then with kids, different jobs, different location everything changed. He does his workouts at a jujitsu gym and still runs so he can pass a PT test. We have a harder time working out together because of the kid complication and lack of good workout space in our current house.

So I was looking for something that had potential childcare included. But it couldn’t be a whenever place because if I have all day to workout, it actually never quite happens. I was looking for classes with times that worked, (hahaha) and a good atmosphere.

To be honest, I’ve tried a number of workout places. They were either too culty, the energy was too creepy (i.e. over the top extrovert in my introvert face), or they didn’t give a rat ass if I was there. A fine line.

I wanted to have some social pressure and comradery, and a specific time for the class. The time that needed tp work no matter where my hubby was.

An acquaintance had a place she wanted to try, so we decided to go together. We signed up for the free two week trial. Our first day was arm day. It was brutal. Usually it takes me a day or two to ache, this work out had me aching later that night.

She’s not been back since, but I’ve gone every day that week and had such a great experience, I signed up for a membership halfway through the two week free trial. I think I found the right mix for me.

What do to work out? Or how do you trick yourself to workout?

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  1. I don’t workout, (but should) The closest I come to that is the walking I do at work. I walk equivalent to about 3 to 5 miles during the course of the day. Not bad, since I’m a couch potato most weekends.

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