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I don’t usually listen to podcasts. It has to do with how packed my life is. Most people seem to listen while walking or driving. If I’m in the car, I’m generally wanting silence, chatting with kiddos or hubby, or on a conference calls (Hands free!). I can’t listen to podcasts while I commute to the day job, because I have a home office. And if I’m walking I’m either day dreaming or on a conference call. 

The only time I even think about listening, is when we’re going on long car trip. I’m usually the one who drives. Many times it’s dark and everyone but me is asleep in the car. This is pretty much the one time I listen to podcasts.

I recently took a trip where I listened to the podcast ‘ologies’. ( I’d never heard of Ali Ward or any of her other shows, but really liked the concept of this show.

She’s very funny and I came away not only with an appreciation for some sciences I hadn’t really thought much about, but awed by what passionate amazing people live in science.

If you listen and like it or if you have other recommendations for what I should listen to to keep me awake while driving, let me know.

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  1. Thanks for the pointer – that’s an interesting podcast.

    I enjoy Philosophize This! with Stephen West, where he breaks down the ideas of philosophers both classic and modern.

    His two recent podcasts on democracy and hegemony are especially interesting, as well as his discussion of the work of Sartre and exactly what is causing that feeling in your stomach when you stare down from a great height.

  2. I found something a little different.
    The Feminist Folklore Podcast is about storytelling and discussion centered on fairy tales, myths, or legend and how that story influenced cultural attitudes about gender.
    I’ve only listened to one episode so far, but it was interesting enough for me to subscribe to the podcast.

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