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I’m out of blog posts.

I try to set-up blog posts in advance. I sit for a day or two and brainstorm what I want to write about and then get as many done as I can. I’ve had as many as a three months of cushion with scheduled posts (24ish), but right now I have zero written posts in the hopper. Uggg.

Focus Fox is fun because it’s based on quotes. I look around for quotes, write them all out, and then think about them. Once I’m on a roll, I can do quite a few at a time. I think I have to be in a sassy-pants frame of mind.

The other blog posts are much harder. I’m going for short and potentially funny.

Topics I know anything about or are interested in: Crazy things my kids do or say, Mom misses, D&D (3.5), personality tests, philosophical musings, cool science news, odd stories, writing… well you get the idea.

I’ve struggled with what to write because most of my ideas seem lame. I did get invited by a friend to do story analysis on movies and/or reviews, but I’ve no interest in that. My day job has enough analysis. And quite frankly, I’ve a limited amount of time I can write in a day. I work full time, have smaller kiddos, etc. So whatever I do for the blog can’t be full-time or I’ll never finish any novels.

I’ve gotten advice about knowing my audience or other advice about how blogging is SO last year/decade. Both rubbed me the wrong way. I don’t think this is sunk cost fallacy at play. Or me just being old and set in my ways.

I blog mostly because I like doing it. I’m forced to a deadline and forced to write something. I’d spent far too many years thinking about writing, rather than actually writing. Anything that makes me put butt in seat is a great thing, even if it divides my writing time.

So out of curiosity, what would you want to read about? 

4 thoughts on “Zero Written

  1. Write about zero written. Write about how you want to write, but somehow lost the time. Write about that time everyone fell asleep and you wrote 2 pages and slept soundly. In between your fiction and Focus Fox ideas, write about what the fox does to keep people like me writing.

    • Hey Darnell, When the kids were little I did get writing done when they fell asleep first. And then my oldest turned into a night owl. LOL

      I’m glad if the fox has a positive effect on your writing. 🙂

  2. Your ideas are not lame. I enjoy your posts, especially Focus Fox. Writing helps are always good idea to use. In the one short story my friend just edited for me, I used prepositional phrases to begin a lot of sentences. That brought to mind dangling participles. I’ve forgotten what those mean and have to look them up so I can understand what I’m doing wrong. Write about what strikes your fancy. Talk about your experiences with novel writing. The three main topics for my blog are health, faith, and writing. I love to reblog and those can be most any subject.

    • Thanks quirkywritinfcorner. Those are great ideas for topics. That is a good idea posting about novel writing experiences. Thanks for the past reblogs. 🙂

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