Life went on

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I have a group of fellow writers I met on an immersion years ago who meet once a week via Skype. We talk about writing and process and are all in different genres, different locations, and all wired very differently. 

One of my friends just published her first book. Her gaol was to publish by May 1stand to sell one book. We had a long conversation about her process, what she had learned, and the value in knowing yourself to keep your own energy/excitement up.

One of the moments that struck me…. After all the work she’d done, she was finally ready to upload in Amazon. She’d psyched herself up to press the publish button. This was a big thing publishing her first book. After a moment, she did it. She pressed the button. For a minute or two she stared at the screen and then she went and made dinner.

Life went on.

We laughed a little about not being sure what she’d expected in the moment, and about how excited she was to be at the beginning of this journey.

If you are interested in WWII romance, try Unguarded by MaryAnna Rose.  

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  1. What a great post! It is interesting that we set goals, think about how awesome it will be when they’re achieved, achieve them, and realize we’re still the same person, that nothing all that dramatic really changed. It’s the journey…

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