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While walking across the parking lot at the grocery store, something stung me on the fleshy part of my hand below my thumb.  Since it flew away, I think it was a wasp .

For awhile after, the area throbbed and ached.  I noticed how the cart handle felt because of the pain.  I was more aware of the steering wheel and anything that touched that area.  I was more aware of my hand.

It got me thinking about how much I don’t notice.  Sometimes I get so caught up in my head,  or caught up in the things I need to get done. Sometimes it takes a sting to look up and look around.

What does it take for you to look around?

2 thoughts on “Sting

  1. I zone out at times if I don’t get enough rest. To get back on track and focus, I get some sleep. Worrisome thoughts may sneak in, but I can cast them off much easier when wide-eyed.

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