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One of the things I miss is the quiet.

There is almost always someone up or something that has to be done. Usually urgently. There are very few moments where I can just sit and enjoy the silence. Let the thoughts bounce around in my head.

I used to get quiet time in the morning commute, sitting in the car with the radio off. Recently I got some by staying up late. Now my kids are getting to an age where they too want to stay up late or their schedule dictates I need to be functional in the early AM. So the quiet has been rare of late.

I’m having one of those moments right now.

The kids are sleeping, the husband is on a trip. I’ve already written up my to dos. None of which have to happen this second. We have a fresh layer of snow and a windchill which makes me want to stay inside.

For a moment I just listen and feel.

Where do you get your quiet time?

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