Magic Flip Book

I never really thought much about going gray.  And then I found some grays.

I wondered after my discovery, if these grays had been there the whole time. Could I’d’ve just not noticed? Or were they new?  Magically, pop! A whole hair goes gray.

What other crazy things were going on with my body that I was unaware of?

I gave a brief thought to asking the hubby, but decided that my post babies, mid-40’s body did not need a run down of its new features. Plus, I don’t like setting him up for a no-win question. If he says ‘oh honey you look great’ or similar, I’ll smile but I’ll call him a liar in my head. If he tells me what’s new, it will feel like he’s being mean. So I don’t ask.

It makes me wish I could’ve been one of those people who took a picture in the same position each year. I could put it in a flip book and see myself age before my eyes. Or have my own time machine by flipping the book the other way, growing younger with each flip.

It’s not too late. I could start that tradition for myself and the kiddos. I could imagine a time in the future. Somehow the book would survive, when modern tech declined and someone picked up the book and flipped it.

Witchcraft they might say.

It might be used to bless and curse people based on the way it was flipped.

All hail the magic flip book.

What makes you wish you had a magic flip book?


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