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Way back in the stone age when I was in college, I had to take a physics course for my biology degree.

The first day, I walked into the huge auditorium, and I sat in the front of the class so I could see.  A skinny, gray-haired man stood by two large chalkboards filled with equations.

He looked like one of those serious professors.  The ones with caustic wit and maybe a short temper.  When the lecture was underway, the professor let one rip.  This was not the I’m-trying-not-to-fart,-but-it-slipped-out sound: air escaping from a balloon fart.  No, this noise had no business happening outside of the bathroom.

Then the strangest thing of all happened.  A hundred 18-20 year old college kids in the classroom and there was not a peep.  No one laughed.  No murmured disbelief or appreciation.  Nothing.  Even the professor hadn’t pause in his lecture or even changed his expression.  He still looked very serious.

Had I imagined the noise?

Each day without fail, the professor tooted, squeaked, and whistled during the lecture.  All from the wrong end. I hoped that he had on Depends or the mountain of undies with ‘racing stripes’ would be gargantuan.

Each time, the classroom hadn’t respond at all.  I’d felt like I was a part of some crazy psychology experiment where the experimenters pretended to be students. They treated you different to see how you responded.  Somehow this experiment involved everyone but me.

I finally broached the topic with a friend I’d made in class.

I wasn’t imagining it. For whatever reason, the class hadn’t responded through the full class. At least, I never caught a whiff of anything.

What crazy things have you witnessed that did not have the reaction you expected?

2 thoughts on “No reaction

  1. I couldn’t think of anything except something personal I wonder about. For some reason, most people I meet for the first time will pronounce my name incorrectly. Instead of Darnell, I get Donnel, Donnie, Daniel, or Daryl. It got to the point I stopped correcting people Id never see again. BUT….Here is the strange thing. At my place of employment, people that have known me for 5 to 10 years will all of a sudden call me Daryl! It baffles me why. If I correct them they say oops I meant Darnell. But I’m at a loss for the reason some longtime acquaintances can make that error. I think it must be the name itself. People auto correct in their minds to say, Daryl. I’m thinking of writing a short story about a hitman that takes out people that misspell his name. You never know where inspiration will come from. lol

    • Fun premise for a story! People are funny. I have a buddy that I use the American version of her name. It’s a habit at this point and I’ve been trying to switch it.

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