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In a recent post, I got to share some of my favorite kids books that were more like songs or poetry.  Recently my kids have moved up to that next mysterious thing that keeps them reading:  Interesting topic.

In Granny’s Dragon, The dragon is one Granny whistles up to help her granddaughter sleep when she is afraid of monsters.  The concept is what they loved.  And Granny has an answer for everything.   The story was not sing-song, but did have an opportunity to ham up the voices.

If you have not read Dragon’s Love Tacos (or the sequel), and like silly fantasy kids books, I’d add them to the list.  I’m pretty sure it’s the Dragons that sell this one and well maybe the tacos.  The second one is weirder and sillier, but my kids loved it when the time machine got hot taco sauce in the controls and they ended up in alternate worlds.

My seven-year-old loves A book with no Pictures.  It’s a very silly book making fun of parents.  I find it hilarious when my daughter reads it as it changes the whole meaning.  The gist is as a reader, you have to read the book no matter what silly things the book says.  And it does say some pretty silly things.

My kids love The door bell rang.  Now that she can read, my daughter pointed out I had been reading it wrong.  There is no ‘ding dong’ in the book.  If you read it, I think you will agree that adding a ding dong makes it even more fun.

What are some of your favorite kids books?

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