Top 10 Badly Named Story Ideas

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I’ve been collecting story ideas for years. I have a folder on my hard drive that has 226 files with little snippets of story ideas. Recently when browsing through them, I started reading some of the older file names.

They were hilarious.  The fun part was opening the file to see if what I thought the story idea was matched the title.  So here are the top ten badly named story ideas.

10. A scroll for all occasions

9. Bridge of Retribution

8. 18th Century Lady and space assassin

7. Chicky Death Face

6. Space Fish

5. Brain Worm Girl

4. Girl-Man-Dog-Bird

3. Choice on a Raft

2. Fiddler Pie

1. Wolf and Alien Island


Any guesses at the ideas inside?

8 thoughts on “Top 10 Badly Named Story Ideas

  1. #2 Fiddler Pie – Fantasy adventure about a musician that feeds his guests sweets that turn them into dancing servants for 7 years.

    #6 Space Fish – Children’s story about a boy on a space mission with his goldfish.

    Would like to read one of those. Hey wait! I’m a writer…..

      • Yes, I was thinking short stories. I will let you know if I do write them. Hope you plan on telling us what your original idea was. I love how we can see or read the same thing but come up with many ideas..all different.

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