Cheater Story: Viking and the Vindicator

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Genre:  Post Apocalyptic Romance

Working title:  Viking and the Vindicator

The realization that everything was different didn’t hit Molly Malone at a normal time. It didn’t hit when the super bugs killed billions of people, or even when the world economy collapsed, not even when her own husband succumbed to an illness caught while searching for food. No, it was when a huge viking of a man and his henchmen broke into her house, leveled a gun at her, and said, “You and your daughter need to come with us.”

It was not the gun so much that did it, but the lascivious look the viking’s motley crew of fashion rejects cast at her daughter that burned the idea in Molly’s head.

Comment if you think the idea should be promoted from the cheater pile to my writing to-do list.


4 thoughts on “Cheater Story: Viking and the Vindicator

  1. Yeah, since then I’ve realized that I don’t write romance. The stories I end up with don’t have the correct beats. So it would end up maybe a fantasy or other fiction. 🙂

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