Skinny dipping

pexels-photo-988940.jpegI think about going skinny dipping

just after midnight on my birthday.

The full moon is high

Perhaps my only witness.

The lake dark and quiet,

a looking glass to the sky.


Perhaps the nervous thrill at being naughty

would make every splash louder.

The gentle lap on the dock

a crashing ocean wave.


Perhaps I will strip at the end of the dock

and let the cool breeze brush over me

before jumping into the shocking cold water.


Perhaps stealth is what matters

and I should slink across the dock

prepared to steal into the water.

Making my ripples of entry blend with the wind.


Perhaps this is an occasion of friendship

and I should invite others.

Then with stifled giggles,

we would get to the end of the dock.

We’d each wait for the other to go first

Trying not to notice our nakedness.

One finally jumping, then the others follow.


Perhaps I will get to the edge prepared to jump.

But will instead stand waiting…


What are you waiting for?

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