In Car Delivery


There are times I feel side-swiped by progress.

I’m sitting at the airport and my girlfriend texts me to ask what I think of Amazon’s ‘in car delivery’.

My initial reaction was to picture a high speed transfer of goods.  Some sleek black car pulls up next to me as I rocket down the freeway, and then with a pop, a package is launched so that it adheres to the side of my car window.  Next time I stop, I have my item.
Or maybe for when I am stuck in horrible traffic, I order from amazon something I-must-have before I get to my destination.  Then bring bring – a bike messenger pulls up and knocks.  When I roll down the window, they hand me the thing I just ordered.
It turns out they only deliver to parked cars and the car must be 2015 or newer.  Huh, only the cars that have the GPS chip in them. So they know exactly where your car is.
Not sure which scenarios are more alarming.
What would be alarming to you?

4 thoughts on “In Car Delivery

  1. On May 8th, 2018 Google I/O Keynote demonstrated a working personnel assistant (Not available to the public yet) that could make a dinner reservation for you. Whats alarming is it sounded like a human. You could NOT tell that a was an AI talking. It could answer back and speak with intonation. That’s scary!

  2. Hi Darnell, I read about that! I thought I had also read that after the backlash, that they were going to identify itself as a robot. I don’t believe it is mandated, but they say they are going to. Once a technology is out there, how easy would it be to use in other ways? And us being none the wiser. That’s a great one. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I pictured more of a Mad Max scenario, where Empress Furiosa is driving a delivery truck that matches speed with your car and war boys hanging off of it throwing packages with spikes at traffic.

    When you hear the grinding heavy metal guitar, you know your packages is getting close.

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