Are you a robot?

pexels-photo-595804.jpegWould you be offended if someone asked if you were a robot?

When you follow people on twitter, there are many who send automatic messages which generally are ‘buy me’ links.  Those I ignore.

There are a few that send out little bits of dialog like a fisherman might put a worm on a line.  And I am the fish they want to catch, and the net once I have nibbled is the future sell link.  Cynical?  Perhaps.

In one case after a “hi, how are you?”,  I got a “where do you live.”

That red flagged me.  I mean seriously who asks where you live in this digital age with a complete stranger?   Shall I just pass my credit card info now and save the dance?

So I asked them,  “Are you a robot?”

The response was, “How do you mean woman.”  Which may have made me giggle.  It sort of asked for clarification on my robot question.

So I said, “You just seem like some sophisticated  algorithm that sends messages to try and engage those that follow you.  i.e. Not real, but looking for keywords in the messages to respond to.  Which I guess on some levels defines all human interactions.”

I’m not sure if I busted the algorithm, or if I offended a real, live person, but I was told, “you talk like a catfish.”

Now that we’ve established we are all robots, where do you live?

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