I find it hilarious that the blog post with the title ‘Avoidance’ has sat the longest in my draft blog pile. In the spirit of getting things done, I’ve decided to clear out my draft blog posts.

Avoidance – I’m looking for you.  But alas you are lost amongst my other bad habits. Those sister and brother habits like procrastination and surfing the internet.  Even your close cousins like perfectionism and unrealistically high standards shield you from my gaze.

Avoidance, I see you sitting in the corner with your gaze fixed on the floor.  Will you look at me?


Come closer.  I will wash you in enthusiasm and use deadlines and to-dos lists to motivate you.  I will use every trick at my disposal to transform you into industry.

Did it work?

Well, if you are reading this, you know my trickery worked this time.

What have you done to trick your bad habits?

2 thoughts on “Avoidance

  1. Love this post. I especially like the brother and sister and cousins to avoidance. Too funny. They visit my house often.

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