When does tomorrow start?

amazing-animal-beautiful-beautifull.jpgI was having a bad day at work. The plan was I’d finish off one last conference call before getting lunch.

I wasn’t hungry. I had eaten too much for breakfast and may or may not have had a cupcake too. It was just lunch time. I wanted to go to McDonalds. Maybe the bad day I was having caused me to think I wanted to go to MickyDs.

It wasn’t that I really wanted to go, but more I was using is as a knee jerk response to the bad day. Today that bothered me.

Who was in charge of my life exactly?

I remember thinking I’ll start eating better tomorrow. I also said that about exercise earlier in the same day and about writing on the novel within the last 24 hours.

But when does tomorrow start?

All of these things I say I’m going to do tomorrow. Tomorrow never quite comes. Worse, I’ll use that phrase as an excuse to have one big last oh-I’m-being-bad-but-its-okay-because….

I will start whatever BLANK is tomorrow.

I’ve read the books on getting things done. I did the Dale Carnegie class and many, many, many others. First things first. Put the biggest rocks in first. If you can finish something in five minutes just do it. These phrases mix in my head and come out as pithy self advice when making decisions. And then this phrase pops up over and over – I’ll start tomorrow.

You know what? I decided I was starting right now.

I didn’t go to McDonalds because I was having a bad day. I did some wall squats and planked. Right now I will decide which story I want to write or edit and work towards the word I chose for this year FINISHING.

When does your tomorrow start?

3 thoughts on “When does tomorrow start?

  1. Excellent advice just do it now. Even something small. I’m definitely one of those “I’ll do it tomorrow” people. Thanks for posting.

  2. My tomorrow sometimes actually does start the next day, or a week later, or like you, it just never seems to get here. That happens more than I want to admit. Loved this post! Thank you.

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